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Sansapore Pacific Park is a beach resort that is located at the beachfront of Sausapor town. It is an oasis for visitors who want to spend their vacation time in Tambrauw regency of the Province of Papua Barat-Daya of the Republic of Indonesia. Here, visitors could enjoy swimming, snorkeling, recreational fishing, sightseeing, bird/ wildlife watching, sunset-watching, and various kinds of activities that will make them feel closer to nature.

Standard Rooms

There are 11 wooden bungalows that are spacious and comfortable for visitors who want to stay for multiple days in Sausapor town during their holiday. Two bungalows have got twin beds and the other nine have got standard queen-size single beds. Electric fans and power-point are provided in the rooms. 

standard accommodation in Sansapore Pacific Park beach resort
There are 11 wooden bungalows (standard rooms) that are surrounded by coconut trees and flower plants creating relaxed environment for visitors who stay there.
beach hotel in Tambrauw regency
Standard room in Sansapore Pacific Park

Coconut trees and flower plants that grow among the bungalows provide shades and create relaxed environment for visitors who stay in this resort. 

For One Guest: 550,000 rupiahs/ night

For Two Guests: 880,000 rupiahs/ night

VIP Rooms

At the moment there are 10 VIP rooms in concrete bungalows (5 twin beds and 5 single-beds). The rooms are air conditioned. The location of the rooms is at the western-end of the resort providing quiet environment for visitors who want to enjoy peaceful natural surroundings of Sausapor beach.

VIP Rooms in Sansapore Pacific Park Beach Resort

The VIP rooms are located closer to the beach. This will allow guests to walk to the beach to enjoy swimming, beachwalking or seeing the beautiful seascape of the Pacific Ocean.  

For One Guest: 1,100,000 rupiahs/ night

For Two Guests:  1,650,000 rupiahs/ night


Sansapore Pacific Park can provide meals for guests at an average cost of 100,000 rupiahs/ meal/ person. Sausapor is a small coastal town in Tambrauw regency. There are shops, and eating houses which are just around 10 to 15 minutes walk from the beach resort.

Where is it located?

Sansapore Pacific Park is located at the beach of Sausapor town in Tambrauw regency of Papua Barat Daya Province of Indonesia.

How to get there?

Visitors need to fly from their country to Jakarta or Denpasar Bali of Indonesia. After that, they could continue flying to Sorong city. Airlines such as Garuda, Citilink, Batik Air and Lion Air have got regular flights between major cities in Indonesia to Sorong. 

flight route from Jakarta or Denpasar Bali to Sorong city and then Sausapor town
Flight route from Jakarta or Denpasar Bali to Sorong city

Land trip between Sorong city and Sausapor town is usually conducted by 4 WD car. Passenger ferry also goes between Sorong city and Sausapor. 

From Sorong city, visitors could go to Sansapor Beach Resort by 4WD car. The duration of the car trip is approximately 3 hours. 

Book Now

To book your room at Sansapore Pacific Park Beach Resort, please, contact Vincencia Natalia by sending message to her e-mail address: sansaporepacificpark@gmail.com or by whatsapp to: +6281244364246.

Comments from Our Guests

Bowy den Braber - The Netherlands

Very nice and relaxing place with great food.  Great as a base to explore the birds in the surrounding area. Also some nice snorkeling just in front of the resort.

Bea - PortugalBeautiful and calm place with friendly people and delicious food! The bungalows are cosy and clean. The resort is located just in front of the beach with  lively coral reefs for snorkeling. The surrounding nature is great for wildlife enthusiasts.

Chantal - France: A very nice and unexpected  place to stay in Sausapor.

The bungalows are very nice and the amenities are just perfect.
The beds are very confortables and clean.
The surrounding view is great among the coconuts trees...Very close to the sea.
The restaurant was good and the portions valued for money.
And the last but not the least the staff was very helpul and kind.
Hoping to come back soon in Sansapor and staying there again.

Nice place. Nice memory about our short stay🙏

Khaleb Jordan - Jakarta: The place to stay is comfortable, clean. The staff is friendly. Hope to come back again!

Loppies Je - Sorong: Mantap abis....

Charles Roring - Sorong: A nice place to stay for visitors. There is very beautiful coral reef, the sea looks wonderful during sunset time. We can enjoy snorkeling or recreational fishing at the beach. However, we need to bring our own snorkeling devices. Rooms have their private toilets. The nearby forest is good for nature tour to see birds, insects (butterflies; beetles; and etc.), reptiles and mammals.

I have visited this beach resort several times. I guided 4 American birdwatchers and stayed there for two nights. Recently in 10 August 2023, I guided 8 French tourists to Tambrauw to watch turtles, and birds of paradise. We stayed at Sansapore Pacific Park Hotel.